Thursday, July 19, 2012


Howard, Linda, Slots, Cat (the Birthday Girl) and James

Phil, MacGuy, Francis and Cranky

VSP in his "Big Boy" chair

Some of the finest looking Pizza I've ever seen!

The Court yard at the Solvang Inn and Cottages

Teri Conrad's Blue Vaquero under the blue flowers


Not a lot of people here yet, but they are rolling in

Donald is placing the candles on Cat's Birthday Cake

She got them out with first blow

 John & Teri.  Teri is the ROK representative for this rally.  She's also the Editor of Accelerate Magazine 
Steven (Rogue) and Kelly pull in around 8:30 PM.  Good to see them!

Cat and James are the rally organizers..  Just happens to be her Birthday today!
Leaving Barstow on the Mother Road

When the temperature got down to 72 I had to suit up~  It warmed up fast as soon as I put my coat on (Slammer jacket)

Iron Hog.  One of many tourist attractions along here.  These  few pictures were taken by Lanny, I din't get many today

Getting close to Victorville, and the home of Roy Rogers

Stopped to take a picture of a Joshua Tree for Skid, so Lanny took one of me taking the picture

Hundreds of beautiful homes and acreage today

Since we stayed off the interstates, we sure saw a lot of nice country

Rest stop.  While there, we saw the mail delivery truck stop across the street.  And soon after.......

This mail box went shooting up the hill!  Then came back down

All the homes are high up on the cliffs.  They have a pully to get the mail box up to the house

Lanny did an "over the shoulder" shot

Linda, Howard (nite lite) Mike and Slots

VSP is giving directions!

Several people went to a Buffet, here's Lanny and MIke

Bicycle pulling a cart full of passengers in Solvang
This ones for Skid!

Guys that wear shorts when they ride, and drink "Frappachino", are bound to be Honda riders! :-)

Real men drink Mountain Dew.

Texans come to Pear Blossom to pick up goats so they can practice their "Roping"

We're in Fillmore.  We know of a Cat house in this fine city.  While I was getting gas, Lanny disappeared, found him in a donut shop!  Such temptation.

Set the GPS to "no freeways", so we found some beautiful roads this morning.  Took 3-4 hours longer than we expected, but it was worth it.  This is a road between the cliffs and Hwy 101 along the Ocean

Our first view of the Mighty Pacific today

Shady Live Oaks along the Coast Highway

Howard, Linda, Mike and Slots.

Not to be done by VSP, we needed to post a Breakfast shot.  International Cusine!  An East Indian opened the cereal box.
Cranky has a new pair of sweats, just for Solvang.

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