Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Barstow, CA

Packed and ready.  Moving the bikes to the front garage for an early morning "get-away"

First stop, Exit 9 in Arizona.  Gas, coffee, etc.

Cleaning the cut to store in saddle bag.  Got fresh coffee at the Pilot

Peggy Sue's Diner.  50's music blasting from the outside speakers

Biglefti is a little too young to remember much about the 50's, but he likes the music :-)

Detour to the Calico Mine Ghost Town.

Taking a picture of a hitchin' post.

Lanny under the Beef Stew sign.  He thinks he's Beef Cake :-)

Left regular glasses in the bike, so can't see much inside the stores. Too far back down the hill to get them.

Lanny getting ready to go for a big game hunt.  Battery is about dead in my "standby" camera, so I'm using Lanny's for some of the pics.  They will be out of order.

He's in the Jailhouse Now!

Resting in a coffin

Lots of benches for us "old folks" to rest on

Rosie's sells Sweets, but not the same kind as the original

Lanny wanted to walk up to this lookout, the highest place on the mountain.   Almost killed me!

Leaving Calico, but there will be more pictures down the blog

CB radio was causing a relay to trip, 2 times today, a couple times yesterday. So, since it was hotter than blue blazes outside, we got 'er into the room for some trouble shooting.

Always easier under the A/C!  Tearing it down to find the  problem

Lanny found a loose connection and a "spade" that wasn't pushed into right position in the socket.  He carries enough tools to overhaul a logging truck in his Wing!  We re-crimped, straightened, and got it all back together.  Also rerouted the helmet cord so it won't rub on the tank

Tight fits backing 'er out.

Bags back on, smudges all polished, and she's ready for tomorrow.  Won't know for awhile if we fixed it or not, but seems to be fine right now
Closed!  End of an era...:-(

This nice lady works at the Gate to Calico Ghost Town.  She's been here since 1880

Just starting UP the hill.  Very few people when we arrived at 11:30 AM, but by the time we left several tour buses were in the parking lot, and business was picking up

Very interesting place, glad we stopped

A couple dozen stores.  Most normal South West tourist things, but some very nice specialty shops too

Don't know if this was a water wagon, or a whiskey hauler

The hole in his lower jaw, used to have a ring that you used to tie up your horse (or Harley)

Most of the stores have something a little different selection of items

Found out this is a Knox Berry Farm attraction

They told us the building are mostly original from the mid to late 1800's

One of two large restaurants.  Plus a Beer Garden and some snack shops

Some were built right into the rock.  Once in, there were mine tours and walking tours of the town.

All Spanish Tour bus. This lady got it across that she had never sat on a Motorcycle,  So she has now.  And got very excited.  Had to use sign language to make sure she didn't burn her leg

Her husband was excited too.  He got to sit on a Honda.

This is a huge McDonalds..and Panda Express, Mexican food,  Burgers and fries place, a Candy store, Gift shop, and other stuff. The old Train Station. We went in here for a snack after getting in the Days Inn at Barstow.

Lanny found the loose Spade Fitting.  We had something to do, and got a lot of laughs.  I sort of got stuck under the bike, but managed to get out.  It's been a GOOD day!!  No....a GREAT DAY!!!

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