Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday at SolvangSc

After pastry and morning visiting, we loaded up and went to the Best Motorcycle Museum in  the Country.   A private showing for VROC

MacGuy checking the specs.  Over a hundred bike here, and more in the overflow.  I took over a hundred pictures, but will only post  a couple here.

This 1940 Crocker was my favorite.  We're the same age. :-)

I guess this was a "Birthday Kiss", the day after.

Front wheel of an Ice Racer.

They were "blacking 'em out" back in the 20's.

If you crash on the ice, you really don't want to be ran over by the guy behind you!

5 cyclinder radial engine.  The crank shaft is the front axle.  Very unusual bike. They are getting it running this week for a bike show in Palm Springs soon. It has to run to be in the show.

One of the last Indian motorcycles made.  Just before they went out of business in 1952.  They were one of my dream bikes in the early 50's.  Indian Scout, or Warrior.

The museum is in a very nice facility
Jerry "Pop-Pop" Zimmerman is pro

We've moved out of the Museum, and some are coming out of the Special Viewing in the Overflow area. This has been a very interesting morning.

Scorpion~ is one the phone with Wompus, with Birthday wishes.

Casey, Don, and Teri are talking to Dr. Virgil Elings, the owner of the museum and this whole block of other business buildings.  A PhD of Physics, Professor for 25 years, inventor and businessman. We were VERY fortunate to see his bikes and listen to his stories.

Hanging out and planning the rest of the day.  Kelly, Rogue (Steven) Francis and Chuck  (MacGuy)

Pop-Pop, John and Lanny.  Jerry and Scorpion~ only came up for an hour to visit, they will be leaving soon

We're all headed out in different ride.  So little time, so much to see

The "stuff" was really getting deep in this session.  Too late to save the boots and belt buckles, but there is still hope for the watches.

Back at the motel, this is the last group to leave. Slots was sharing diet pepsi and getting in some more good stories before we took off.

Our first stop was this miniature horse farm 

Beautiful farm, and well groomed horses

Kelly wanted a better look, so Steven helped her out.  Teri is busy taking pictures

All were beautiful, but the paints were my favorites.  There were several colts.  Probably  at least 50 or 60 in the 4 different fields

Next stop was the Lavender fields.  The scent is in the air.  A very soothing stop.

Last year, the chair was farther back....and it broke when I sat down.  Ended up in the Flowers, and Skid and to pull me out. :-)  Was more careful this year

Teri is loving it!

Teri & Kelly enjoying the Lavender

The harvest is late, but will be a very nice crop this year.

John. Rogue, and Cranky soaking up the scent of Lavender

Teri Conrad (ROK Representative) with her beautiful Blue Vaquero

Same effect as catnip!

This one's for Romy!

This is for Romy too!

The Lavender Gift Shop is unique

Cranky is pontificating again.  Rogue and John are his audience

$14!  Those are some "high dollar" bees!  Those look smaller than a pint jar.

Only in the 90's today, so Cranky was comfortable in his heavy leather chaps.....California style

This is the famous rest area from last year when a Yuppie sport bike rider turned down Cranky's offer for gas to use in his empty tank.  It wasn't supreme, so he wouldn't accept the offer!

Lewis and Clark?

No, Kelly and Teri

Steven (Rogue) has to get into the action too

Cold Springs Tavern.  A very rustic, but nice place to be

Love the table in the corner

Some dead animals

Probably cozy up here in the Winter.  Cranky looks cranky.

This reminds me of the Iron Horse Stables.  Some Ivy growing in from the outside

Teri had a salad

Kelly and Steven had "the best onion rings I've ever tasted"!!

I had a grilled vegetable salad..Raspberry Cream Vinaigrette.  It was delicious! 

One of the out buildings

The sign says, "Treasures 'n Trash".  Rogue doesn't know exactly where he fits in:-)

John looks like he works in an Amish furniture factory

The morning complimentary food.  I gave all mine away except the good coffee.

Biglefti did a good job, nothing went to waste.  VSP is doing the camera work behind him

Steven and Lanny are having a good time

Phil and Mike are letting it all soak in

Linda and Howard stroll in a little late, but they get their share anyway

There goes Donald with the pointing again :-)  Francis and Chuck (MacGuy)  are getting their fair share of Pastries 

These tubs are full of cookies

Good to see Pop-pop again.  He just had cataract surgery a few days ago, and is doing fine 

I think he may have spent a tour or two in the army :-)

Lanny and Jerry getting acquainted

Scorpion~ had a few new stories, he's very entertaining, and a fun guy to have around

VSP, Kelly, Rogue, and Mike

Getting ready to go into the museum.  These last pictures have been out of order. (three different camera cards, so they got mixed up

Mostly Vulcans, but a token Wing and a Harley


Saddle Bags were a little smaller back in "The Day"

Teri with the owner of the Museum

There are several (many) wineries in the area.  Here is a vineyard close to Solvang

California Poppy's

Ride to the Pacific.  About 5 miles from Solvang

Small Beach Community

Jalama Beach Cafe.  Famous for their Hambergers.  Some of the guys went there for lunch today.  This was taken by Lanny

VROC table

Small narrow road back to Solvang

These carts are very popular in the city

AJ Spurs for dinner
Howard composing a picture
We had 18 for dinner,  Good people, good restaurant
Interesting walls
Met BikerDad in Lake Topaz in 2002.  He's a loyal vroc member
Waiting for food!
Donald is tickled about something
Casey hit it off good with our waitress
Getting into the food.  It all came with a beef stew, bowls of Tequila Beans, fresh salsa, fried potato slices, fried onions, and either a root beer float, ice cream, or an after dinner liquer.  Food was excellent
Tried to get everyone in a picture, hope I made it
This is what's left of Rogue's 26 ounce T-Bone
Slots went for the huge beef ribs
After Lanny polished off his Flat Iron steak, he's helping clean up some of the left over ribs
The wait staff sang a funny birthday song to Cat. And gave her a small dessert
Happy Birthday, Cat!
LOTS of trophys in the restaurant
More animals
Big Grizzly up there
You probably think I took pictures of them all, but this was just a few out of what is there
African Lion above the back bar
A popular water hole, as well as a good place to eat
Live music in the bar
OK, enough of AJ Spurs
Ready for the raffle to benefit Breast Cancer.  Prizes donated by Kawasaki
As usual, Howard and Linda did an outstanding job on the raffle
Sherm & Lanny

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