Saturday, July 21, 2012

July 21, Saturday

Early morning.  Damp and cold.  We're heading across the street for the bakery

Marine Layer.  This is why we moved to Arizona!  Not raining, but damp and cold.  It will burn off around 8 AM or so.
VSP and Biglefti are soaking it up.
Lanny is leaving today, he has a High School Reunion to attend down South of here.  We're heading over to the  bakery now

Mike is wearing his Cortez shirt today.  I think this is the best that Piper has come up with, and they are all good.

Near the Motel, where we get the good morning snacks

Not sure what the significance of the Storks we see around town is.  I'll ask today if I can remember

Solvang is a destination for old cars, bikes, and a lot of tourists

Paula's Cafe.  We ate in here a couple of times last year, for a full breakfast.   This year Olsen's has added more to the choices for motel we stay in, so haven't been Paula's this year (yet:-)

Making selections.  Two pastries, rolls, Milk or coffee,  and lots of jam and butter and cream  cheese.

Homemade Raspberry!

I haven't had ANY pastry this year.  The sack is to take home to Pat

Beautiful 1936 Ford convertible with a Continental Spare

Note the steps on the tail light and up on the fender. They are for getting into the  "Rumble Seat" without scratching the paint.
Riding through the horse and cow country.  There are many wineries along this route too.

This reminds me of a few people I've met

The Live Oak canyons are full of beautiful horses.  They wear this things on their face to keep the flies out of their eyes

Huge old Oak tree

Morning ride group

John & Teri

It's THAT way...NO, it's THAT way!!

7 bikes on the ride.  All Vulcans, except one token Harley

And there it is!

The winery we stopped at only served meals and snacks to special reserved groups, but, they had this "scarf and barf" wagon on scene.

Very large chess set.  Some people were playing it just before we left

Advertisement for Lawless & Dean

And there they are!  Nice easy music.

Wedding rehearsal party

VROC'ers watching all the excitement

John & Teri again

We're about looked out, now we're waiting for Kelly's   to get here

Kelly and Rogue..Happy couple!

Go for it girl!  

Shady and pleasant little rest stop. And, the smell of wine was strong in the air.

There are over a dozen wineries withing about 20 miles

They sent this Limo as an escort to lead us out.  That's the driver

Here we go, on to the next exciting stop!

We covered a lot of miles between this and the last stop.  Crossed Hwy 101, then went South on California 1, then cut across Santa Rosa Road to head back to Solvang.  This Marigold patch was just beautiful!

Several acres of bright flowers

Last Rest Stop on this ride

You can't see them, but this hedge is covered with small white flowers that smell like Honeysuckle.  Very strong and nice.  This is at our Motel 

Walked down town to find some superglue to repair my phone.  Just some street scenes

Don't know how many Bakeries there are in Solvang, but I do know there are a LOT of them

It's Saturday, the town is full of tourists

Many beautiful old buildings.  That is a Subway Sandwich shop up there on the balcony 
There was a Historical marker here, but too far away to read

These Buffalo fell off their nickels

They appeared to be pretty tame

Teri named this big Texas longhorn, Rib Eye!

Horses and cows on the horizon,  it was very pretty out here

Photo Op

Casey is directing traffic so Teri can take pictures

There are 4 of these sculpted animals in this field, and just as we stopped, 2 rather large deer ran into the weeds

Last shot of the afternoon.  Need to go back to the room and charge my batteries!  Another good day.
Some people have already left, this evening, the rally will be winding down.